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Common faults and maintenance methods of internal gear pumps

Commonfaultsofinternalgearpump:pumpnotoil,outputflowisnotenough,pressurewillnotgo.Thefollowinggearpumpsaretroubleshootingforsuchfailures:   Externalgear   1,becausethegearmaterial(suchaspowdermetallur
Common faults of internal gear pump: pump not oil, output flow is not enough, pressure will not go. The following gear pumps are troubleshooting for such failures:
External gear
1, because the gear material (such as powder metallurgy gear) or heat treatment is not good, make the tooth surface wear serious. For powder metallurgy gears, it is recommended to change to steel gear and heat treatment.
Involute internal meshing gear pump structure and the main parts to be repaired: 1 - shaft; 2, external gear; 3 - pump assembly; 4 - key; 5 - Thin-walled bearing; 6 - bearing; 7 - oil seal; 8 - screw; 9 - washer; 10 - front cover; L1 - rear cover; 12, 13 - O ring.
2, wear and tear on the end of gear. If the wear and tear on the end face of the gear is not serious, it can be used for grinding and polishing; if the wear and tear is serious, the end face of the gear can be grinded to size h1, the outer gear ring H2 and the stator hole depth H3 should also be grinded to the same size.
3, tooth top circle wear. The outer gear of the gear can be plated to compensate for wear.
Two. Check tooth ring
1. When the gap between the inner gear ring and the inner hole of the housing is too large, the outer ring of the toothed ring can be brushed.
2. When the backlash between the inner ring and the gear tooth surface is too large, the conditional areas (such as the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta) can be re-processed by wire-cutting machine tool, and then replaced by heat treatment.
Three. Check the crescent moon.
1. When the gap between the inner surface of the tooth block and the top gear of the outer gear wheel is too large, the top circle of the toothbrush is plated.
2. When the inner surface of the crescent block is worn and pulled seriously, which causes the leakage between the pressure and oil suction chambers, the crescent block is replaced by the slow-moving wire of the wire cutting machine.
Four. Check the housing (stator) and side panels.
1. For the stator used as oil distribution plate, if the wear and tear is slight, it can be repaired with metallographic abrasive cloth; if the wear and tear is serious, it is difficult to repair.
2. If there is side plate, when the joint surface of side plate and gear is worn and stretched, the end face of side plate can be ground or ground flat, and then nitrided or phosphated.