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"ITT gold gear Institute" project starts to train compound engineering talents

China Educational News Network News (reporter Jiang Naiqiang) ITT Golden Gear College project, jointly sponsored by the ITT Corporation, the Association Committee of Science and Technology Daily and the Tsinghua Science and Technology Park Enlightenment Business Incubator, was launched in Beijing recently.
As a public education platform for China's engineering manufacturing industry, "ITT Golden Gear College" aims to cultivate more innovative talents with intellectuality and skills, so as to accelerate China's industrial development and upgrade the manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, ITT Golden Gear College has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Astronautical College of Beijing Polytechnic University to further promote the training of outstanding engineers in China. Astronautical College of Beijing Polytechnic University is the first batch of outstanding programs approved by the Ministry of Education. This cooperation with ITT Golden Gear College will provide a platform for the exchange of innovative and entrepreneurship talents in engineering and technology, and create an atmosphere of respect for innovation and practice-oriented Engineer training.
After nearly two months of campus recruitment and layered selection, ITT Golden Gear College has selected more than 70 students for the first time. They are from Tsinghua University, Beijing Polytechnic University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other universities, including nearly 30 students of the first group of outstanding engineers recognized by the Ministry of Education. In the next two months or more, these students will take part in Engineering Science and technology forward-looking courses, innovation and entrepreneurship courses and Innovation Challenge competitions, listen to the interpretation of university professors and industry experts in the field of engineering and manufacturing, understand the origin, development and frontier information of engineering and manufacturing from various angles, and broaden the vision of Engineering specialty. After the lecture, all participants will take part in the project's special challenge. Excellent students who stand out from the activities will have the opportunity to obtain the ITT Golden Gear Institute - Future Excellent Engineer scholarship and ITT enterprise internship opportunities.
Xi Haizhen, the chief global communications officer of ITT, said that attaching importance to the training of engineering and technical personnel is the historical heritage of ITT. With the launch of ITT Golden Gear Institute in China, ITT will be committed to providing more and more scientific and technological talents in China with innovative learning opportunities. Luo Qinghong, director of ITT Golden Gear Institute and head of ITT Headquarters in China, expressed the hope that through ITT Golden Gear Institute project, an international engineering and manufacturing education platform will be built to stimulate enthusiasm, broaden vision and apply learning to the industry, and constantly nurture new forces for the industry.